Casting X 1 - Clair Prod
Time: 92 minutes
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Today is the day! A stunning young stud has been called for a casting video for a chance to become a porn actor! There's no doubt he has all the attributes to succeed: handsome, amazing defined body, great ass and juicy cock. Let's see how he responds to the cameras and crew watching him!

We received a request for a solo video from a math teacher. The dude is in his early forties, solid build and hung. He is obsessed with porn and always wanted to give it a go. Now he is fully naked, ready to stroke his big dick for you!

Loïc is 22, unemployed, a university drop-out, with too much time in his hands and a great need for cash. He contacted ClairProd to make a solo casting video. The boy looks cute but very shy. Right now his job is to get hard and shoot his load. Check him out

He came to see what the fuss is all about. Charles is a young French athletic dude who has a tendency to look at other guys in the gym. He also like being watched by other men. Today he's gonna make his debut at Clairprod. Naked, in front of the camera, with his dick in his hand, he's gonna shoot his load in front of you for the first time...

Here is our latest find: cute straight man who loves showing off. It didn't take much to convince him to shoot his loads in front of our camera!

A handsome thirty year old accountant has been working for Clairprod for a few weeks. One day the producer sees him and offers him a session in front of the camera to spice up his life. A bit shy at first, his cock comes to life as the hot office worker discovers the pleasure of exhibitionism.

Younes has always been in the closet. He lives in the projects and he has a reputation for being a womaniser. The truth is, Younes can't stop thinking about fucking another man. Even if he's not ready to do yet, we have managed to film him for a solo session. Check him out!

Abdel called us to make a few bucks but money isn't his only motivation. He might not admit it yet, but Abdel loves guys getting off while watching him wank and thinking about them make him want to cum!

We have an extremely hot firefighter for you right now. The dude loves to show off his body and nothing makes him more excited than to know someone is watching him wank! Watch him shoot now!

This young man's got every women's eyes on him when he walks down the street. Handsome, confident, perfectly built, slightly hairy chest, he looks like a modern Prince Charming. Unfortunately for the girls and luckily for us, we're about to see what's hidden under his clothes...You're gonna love it!

An Eastern European soldier on leave has called us to realise an old fantasy. He's always dreamed of exposing himself to a camera during a porn video. With his looks we couldn't refuse him this opportunity!

What's the point in spending hours in the gym working to get a beautiful body if it's to keep it hidden from everyone? We are lucky to have a stunning stud willing to show us how his hard work paid off...The young stud is not only built but he is drop-dead gorgeous and hung...The full package!

Valentino is beautiful and young. His stunning looks brought him many times in front of a camera. Yes, the boy is a model! But today what he's about to show to the camera, only a few have seen: his naked body, beautiful cock, and the look on his handsome face while he spurts a load of hot cum on his tight six-pack...

Smooth, young, innocent looking boy. He just turned 18 and has walked so many times while watching videos of dudes pulling their cock and shooting their load in front of a camera. Now he wants to return the favour...

A boy has just turned 18 and he contacted us to do a casting video. When we saw his picture, we didn't waste a second and invited him over. Check him out and you'll understand why!

What a stunning specimen of a man! This kind of guy you can find only in Eastern Europe: in Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria or Russia. Perfectly built, handsome, great proportions, smooth skin to top that up, a beautiful cock and big balls ! Wow ! The guy is wanking his big hairy dick and he shows to you all of his exemplar masculinity. Watch those beautiful big balls full of cum jumping up and down while this alpha man is jerking his big cock. What a man !

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