Casting X 2 - Clair Prod
Time: 81 minutes
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Pas facile la vie à la campagne : peu de mecs, beaucoup de frustrations et résultat, une envie de se lâcher grave à la première occasion ! Ce jeune fermier est d'habitude introverti mais alors qu'il passe en ville et voit l'annonce pour un casting, il a tellement envie de se taper un moment exhib qu'il écoute sa bite plutôt que sa tête. Trop excité, il se fait juter en 2 minutes. Il est gêné, il a expulsé un max de foutre, trop vite. L'équipe lui demande alors de continuer à s'astiquer : chaud comme il est, il peut bien essayer de se faire venir une deuxième fois ! Et ça rate pas : deuxième salve de semence 5 minutes plus tard, tout aussi généreuse. En voilà un qui sait se traire !

Clairprod has seen lots of guys passing in front of its cameras: shy ones, bisexual, straight, young gays, machos... This time it's a mature married man who's gonna try his luck in front of our lens. Check him out!

A young male is a huge fan of porn and wants to pursue a career a porn actor. He's got everything going for him but there's one last hurdle before he can start fucking a cock-sucker on cam: He needs to show us what he's got! Check him out, you won't be disappointed!

A straight married man has a secret fetish for porn and gay men. He loves wanking while being filmed, thinking about all the gay men who will watch him shoot his hot spunk...

Jeff is in his thirties, very muscular, extremely hot and totally in the closet, until now... He is a well respected sport teacher and no one would ever guess that he likes guys. He's watched so many gay porn movies. Now he wants to experiment in front of our camera...Check him out!

Here is another straight man wanting to experience something new. A bit shy but good-looking, the dude gets naked and sits on a sofa in front of a gay porn. He's clearly excited by the scene in front of him!

Clairprod brought you a couple of stunning young males from Nices. They picked them up on the street in Nice and offered them a bit of cash to expose themselves to the camera. Seated beside each other the two friends reveal their beautiful bodies and cocks, clearly excited to see each other naked for the first time!

Chris is shy and likes to keep to himself. He's not the type of guy you would normally see in a porn movie. It took some serious persuading to make his strip and pull on his cock in front of our camera!

An experienced musician loves to play rock for a living but he find it hards to make both ends meet. When we offer him to make a few extra bucks he happily accepted our invite. Now watch him shoot his load for the first time on cam!

Looking for a few bucks, an Eastern European body-builder contacted us for a solo video. The dude claimed to be straight but he surely looked like he enjoyed rubbing in junk in front of our camera and shooting his load for other guys watching! Check him out!

Jacques is a frustrated husband. After only a few years of marriage, his wife refuses to have sex. He's come to the point where the only way fro him to shoot his load is to have a wank. Today the difference is he's gonna get paid for it and you'll be watching him!

Thomas has been told many times that he is very cute. He knows he could make lots of older men happy and fix his financial problems but he has chosen another way: porn. Today he's shooting his first video, hoping to start a lucrative career in the porn industry...

Charles-Henri is a posh boy who is trying his best to be this perfect young man, great student, future business man, respected by his friends and family. But deep inside he wants to be bold and live out his fantasies. first on his list: get naked in front of our camera, and shoot his load thinking about other dudes watching him...

A stud of a boatman on board his ship is watching a bunch of young rowers passing near. He's turned on. He strips off and starts rubbing his muscular body. His hand reaches between his legs to grab his big set of balls and cock. The big sexy man needs to shoot right now!

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